Copywriting in light of content marketing and storytelling

Copywriting means writing for advertising and marketing.

Compelling, unique, captivating and attention-grabbing – good advertising copy uses striking writing to promote a product or brand, and finds the right words to inspire the target group. The result is interaction and engagement, ideally motivating the reader to take the desired action, like buying a product or service.

The real aim of advertising is action, because without action there can be no call to action. The copywriter’s goal is to create content that activates the target group. If content is king, then content marketing and storytelling are his most loyal servants

Content marketing as an approach to copywriting

Content marketing is used in strategic marketing to entice, win over and delight the target audience of a company, product or brand. The aims are clear: attract new customers, keep existing customers and increase profitability. The main focus of content marketing is not primarily to highlight a company or product’s best aspects. Instead, the goal is to create targeted content that informs and entertains, offering the reader new knowledge and real benefits. Content marketing writers are specialists who offer readers advice and share their expertise in an entertaining way.

Their primary tool is content, which has to focus on highly relevant subject matter, exude integrity, inform and entertain. To achieve that, they have to know the product and target group inside out. What are the product’s unique selling points? How does the target group think within its specific environment? How can communications combine attractive style, persuasion and emotions to achieve maximum impact? Content has to be convincing, and language is essential to reaching an international audience.

Content marketing can also be used in search engine optimisation to ensure that the right keywords appear on your website and that you rank well in search results.

Storytelling as an approach to copywriting

Captivating storytelling is another cornerstone of effective copywriting.

Storytelling puts the reader at the heart of the action. It draws them into a lively, moving story full of symbolism, and helps them escape a sometimes bleak reality, speaking to and reinforcing their hopes, wishes and dreams. Then the characters, readers and potential customers are suddenly ready to make the story a reality; they register, make a payment – and the fish is on the hook. A stirring translation captures all the artistry that goes into crafting a story.

If a call to action is the primary goal in the source language, how does that affect the translation? And how will it spur action in the target language? It has to capture all the drama. A coarse rope is not the same as a delicate thread. Finding words is easier than shaping a message.
A finely woven net of triggers and messages only hits home with readers in the target language if an expert translator manages to spark the right emotions. Because emotion drives our actions. Action is the goal. Not the content itself. And not the story. A copywriter’s goal is to inspire the reader to act.

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