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Since 1999, we have been wowing our clients with excellent translations, superior service quality and unrivalled speed – delivering best-in-class translations prepared by experienced in-house teams of highly skilled translators.

LENNON Language Solutions

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LENNON Language Solutions

Turn to us for translations in any language or language variety, like Mexican Spanish, Canadian French or Egyptian Arabic. Our flexibility means you get top quality on time ✅ despite tight deadlines. Got changes? We’ll work them in, even if we’ve already started on your project. Want to talk to us in advance ☎️ to make sure major projects go smoothly when it matters most? We’d be happy to – just like we’re happy to give and receive post-project feedback. We can also work with your proprietary systems and coordinate every step of the process with your preferred communications agency.

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Audit translations

Due diligence reports
Transfer pricing documentation
Corporate accounting guidelines
Audit reports

Financial translations

Due diligence reports
Transfer pricing documentation
Corporate accounting guidelines
Audit reports

Legal translations

Articles of association
Mergers & acquisitions
Certified translations
Legal briefs

Marketing translations

Internal communications
Sustainability/CSR reports
Corporate publishing
Press reviews (overnight)
CEO communications
Crisis communication
Press releases

Pharmaceutical translations

Patient communications
Clinical studies
Medical reports
Medico-legal reports
Medical technology
Industry and research publications

Translations for government and public authorities

Position papers
White papers

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