Lennon • Language translation

Lennon - Premium language translation from Münster

Lennon • Language translation

Lennon - Premium language translation from Münster

With the best translators and a professional, stress-free approach to project management, Lennon Language Solutions is your partner for international corporate communication. We get you. Try us out!



Our translators are simply the best!

Our professional, in-house translators are native speakers with specialist qualifications in their respective fields. Well versed in using the latest terminology management software, they also have the skills to see the world through the customer’s eyes and understand the needs of the target audience. Having the best translators and a professional agency structure allows us to ensure top quality for your translations.

Confidentiality and data protection

Data security and confidentiality are our top priorities, no matter whether we’re working with your content or on behalf of one of your clients. Your projects always remain yours, no matter what. Building lasting relationships with our clients is important to us. We look forward to earning your trust.

Our laurels

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“I’ve always believed in quality. And since reliability is essential to quality, I’ve always believed that permanent, in-house teams deliver the best results. I don’t know of a single production process where someone keeps shuffling the deck in the hope of achieving consistent quality.”
Chris Lennon

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At Lennon, we are committed to meeting your individual needs. Our project management team oversees your project, from preparing an initial quote to delivering your translated texts. The result is quality and speed, along with a smooth process that is easy on your nerves. We deliver custom-tailored translation solutions, no matter how demanding your project happens to be. From our first interaction to the time the invoice lands on your desk, we’ll make you feel like you are our only customer.

Dr. Sara Battke

Financial, auditing and medical translations

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Janina Bischof

Corporate communications, legal and public sector translations

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