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Sustainability reporting

Certain companies are legally required to disclose information about their approach to operations, social issues and environmental challenges.

The point is to help investors, civil society organizations, consumers, policymakers and other stakeholders understand the non-financial performance of large entities.

But it is also an opportunity for companies with a business model that isn’t particularly familiar to the wider public or positively viewed to make themselves more relatable.

Even if you are not legally required to offer any guidance on your ESG activities, you should nonetheless.

Financial reporting

Financial reports address a variety of audiences with differing needs. Our job is to build trust among all of them: shareholders and partners, management and employees, lenders and creditors, as well as customers and regulators alike.

With companies facing ever-increasing pressure on deadlines and limited resources, we are noticing an uptick in demand for high-end, professional financial translation services — especially as translations are a highly technical and time-consuming business.

Our work also includes laying the groundwork for reporting by translating intricate corporate accounting policies and offering terminology support.

Your financial and non-financial reporting projects are in experienced, safe and GDPR-compliant hands at LENNON.

Corporate communications

We have been rethinking corporate communications translations for some time. Today, your comms need to feed the algorithm while at the same time being a gripping read.

We firmly believe that your digital brand is the greatest asset you have. Don’t let poor messaging get in the way. If you are looking for engagement, you need to strike a chord. And because there is a lot of noise out there, your case needs to be compelling.

You can decide how far you want us to go. The range is generally somewhere between sticking pretty close to the source and making sure it sounds authentic, no holds barred. It depends on the type of material involved and is up to you. We will deliver exactly what you need — as long as you’re not looking for bland, off-the-shelf, robot-factory translations.

Stay ahead of the curve with a bulletproof sustainability report

The word on everybody’s lips is sustainability. But merely talking about it is not enough. Whether they’re legally required or not, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability reports are paramount to building trust with customers and stakeholders alike. Having a weak green strategy can make it impossible for customers to connect with your brand. That’s why it’s vital to avoid greenwashing by building an authentic strategy and presenting it in a strong sustainability report.

Our unique approach to translation

Here at LENNON Language Solutions, we’re dedicated to bringing sustainability reports to the widest possible audience. Our unrivaled translation service allows companies to share their results with people all over the world and strengthen their brands in new markets. Our detail-oriented approach to translation and localization enables you to consistently generate relevant traffic, and positions you as a thought leader for customers and investors in every language.

Strong report writing that hits home with your client base

Translate your report to reach the widest possible audience

Optimizing and enhancing with detail-obsessed editing and proofreading

Using the right terminology to engage more with the audience

Showcasing your report digitally

Position yourself as a thought leader with LENNON Language Solutions

No one localizes like LENNON

Beat SaaS competitors with localized content

The first and gravest mistake you can make when launching your business in a new language is poor localization — or worse, not localizing at all. Potential customers will take one look at your website or app, see the alienating mistakes and typos, and look for another, more serious service provider. SaaS companies that localize their product and content marketing grow 30% faster than their competitors. But the key to proper localization is working with a trusted partner who knows your industry and target markets inside and out.

Professional translations — quick and easy

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Premium human translations

Human only
  • Specialised professional translators
  • Translation memory integration
  • No machine translation
  • Corporate language check
  • Enhanced copy-editing
  • Stringent quality assurance

Quality hybrid translations

Human & AI
  • Professional translators
  • Translation memory integration
  • Stringent quality assurance
  • Includes machine translation elements (AI suggestions reviewed, accepted and edited by translator as needed)

Professional copy-editing

  • Academically trained copy editor (native speaker)
  • Professional quality
  • Spelling and grammar corrections
  • Style review

We live in a digital universe. And your digital brand may be your greatest asset

Your customers, stakeholders and employees rely on your content to decide if they can trust you. And that applies to the websites, blogs, and socials you operate, as well as the articles you share.

We’d love to help you build trust with your digital brand.
In your organization. In your market. And around the world.


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